Welcome To MobiliBuy

Led by an experienced team of technology executives, MobiliBuy is an end-to-end, mobile-first company that enables consumers and business’ to take any offline item and connect it online so that others can snap and discover just by taking a picture.
Additionally, MobiliBuy is the winner of Israel’s Ernst & Young / IBM most innovative startup of the year competition (2014) and backed by Israel’s Chief Scientist Office, Nielsen & Millhouse LLC.

Let your discoveries begin… start creating SNAPTURES!

Meet Our Team

Moti Levy
Moti LevyFounder COO/CRO
A marketing and operations executive with a vast retail experience managing large P&Ls at Sears Holding Company. Over 15 years of leading multiple organisations of E-Commerce, online, and digital marketing.
Koby Danon
Koby DanonFounder, CEO
A business leader with over 20 years of experience at Conduit, Amdocs, Cash-U, Verint, and others. Highly experienced in building and managing large-scale business units and growing start-up companies.
Alex Benish
Alex BenishCTO
A seasoned Technology expert and entrepreneur, master of software design and development with over 20 years of experience leading R&D groups in multi- discipline technologies .